The NH Landlord Survival Kit

The NH Landlord Survival Kit is an indispensable tool for all landlords who rent residential properties in the State of New Hampshire. Developed over the years by Attorney Paul R. Pudloski, the NH Landlord Survival Kit includes personalized legal advice; customized, reusable forms; and concise legal guides to manage your residential rental properties in accordance with the strict New Hampshire landlord-tenant laws.

The NH Landlord Survival Kit includes all the basic legal forms needed to properly manage your residential rental property. These forms include:

  • Customized Rental Application forms
  • Customized Residential Lease Agreement
  • Move-in and Move-out inspection forms
  • Customized Security Deposit forms
  • Residential Accounting form
  • Customized Lease Renewal form
  • Security Deposit Accounting form
  • Demand for Rent form
  • Eviction Notice form (Nonpayment of rent)

All forms are customized for your individual needs and provided in hard copy and on CD for your repeated usage.
The NH Landlord Survival Kit also includes concise and practical Legal Guides to New Hampshire landlord and tenant laws. These Guides include:

  • Tips for Screening Prospective Tenants
  • Referral to the NH Property Owners Association
  • Available resources for Background checks
  • Rental Application Procedures
  • Proper Service of Notice to Tenants
  • Avoiding the "Prohibited Acts" which carry civil penalties of $1,000 per violation

Attorney Pudloski has represented professional and amateur landlords in New Hampshire for over 18 years. He has lectured to the NH Property Owners Association and several other civic groups about NH landlord and tenant laws.

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