Pudloski Law Office, PLLC has recently relocated to 340 Central Avenue, Suite #305 in Dover, NH.  However, our telephone number (603-431-4522) and email address (Pudloski@PortCityLaw.com) remain the same.
In addition, meetings can be arranged at the IOS Business Center, 155 Fleet Street in Portsmouth, NH for those clients who prefer to meet in downtown Portsmouth.

The law is complicated. It pays to have experience on your side.

We offer legal services for individuals, families, and local businesses.  Our practice areas include Family Law, Estate Planning, Landlord and Tenant Law, and Small Business.  As a small firm with strong, local roots, we offer high quality legal services from an experienced and respected counselor at law.

Attorney Paul R. Pudloski has over 30 years of legal experience, and he served as leader within the local community and within the New Hampshire legal profession.

An approachable lawyer with experience and knowledge:

As a busy New Hampshire attorney with more than 30 years of experience in business law, estate planning, family law, and landlord-tenant law, my greatest strengths are in areas that go far beyond statutes, precedents and litigation. Executive leadership, collaboration, mentoring and the ability to reach agreements in a civil and professional manner are the parts of my work that get me up and going every day.

I seek practical solutions to complex problems, and my clients tell me that I have an easy, down-to-earth style while being well versed in the law. Over the years I have counseled scores of businesses in everything from business formation, contracts, and commercial leases to business sale and succession planning.